Directed by:

H. Paul Moon

Consulting Producers:

Barbara B. Heyman
Pierre Brévignon

Made Possible By:

Ulrich Klabunde
Nancy Klabunde

Oral History Audio Recordings:

Peter Dickinson

Concert Audio Engineers:

Mark Huffman
Edward Kelly
Robert Kraft
H. Paul Moon
Danny Ozment
Matthew Weiner

Additional Camera:

Richard Chisolm
Emily Wathen
Stana Benesova Kimball
Timothy Cone
Yaël Halbron

Filmed and edited by:

H. Paul Moon

In order of appearance:

Thomas Hampson, baritone
Terry Teachout, author
21st Century Consort
William Sharp, baritone
Elisabeth Adkins, violin
Abigail Evans, viola
Rebecca Racusin, violin
Rachel Young, cello
Barbara Heyman, author
Christopher Rex, cello
Elizabeth Pridgen, piano
Jordan Kuspa, composer
Leonard Slatkin, conductor
Pierre Brévignon, author
Marin Alsop, conductor
John Corigliano, composer
Thomas Larson, author
J. Reilly Lewis, conductor
Cathedral Choral Society
Quatuor Rosamonde
Agnès Sulem-Bialobroda, violin
Thomas Tercieux, violin
Jean Sulem, viola
Xavier Gagnepain, cello
Jenny Oaks Baker, violin
Alexandria Symphony Orchestra
Kim Allen Kluge, conductor
Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic
Ulysses S. James, conductor
Stephen Framil, cello
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
IBIS Chamber Music Society
Elizabeth Kluegel, soprano
Joseph Scheer, violin
Malorie Blake Shin, violin
Chiara Dieguez, viola
Sean Neidlinger, cello
Adria Sternstein Foster, flute
Susan Robinson, harp
Margaret Chalfant, Barber family neighbor
Jean-Pierre Marty, piano
James Tocco, piano
Michael Adcock, piano
Rosa Lamoreaux, soprano
Andrew Simpson, piano
Philadelphia Wind Quintet
Mason Jones, french horn
Robert Cole, flute
Sol Schoenbach, bassoon
Anthony Gigliotti, clarinet
John deLancie, oboe
Isabelle Guillaud-Kalvar, vocal teacher
Marie Charpentier-Leroy, mezzo-soprano
Frédéric Rubay, piano
Gisèle Becker, conductor
Cantate Chamber Singers
Washington Bach Consort
Calvin Bowman, composer
Melissa Fogarty, soprano
Marc Peloquin, piano

Special Thanks:

Jan Lauridsen & James Wintle and The Library of Congress
Christopher Kendall and 21st Century Consort
Caroline Mousset and The Phillips Collection
Stephan Chodorov and Creative Arts Television
Helene van Rossum, Jennifer Kallend & Barbara Benedett and Curtis Institute of Music
Alain Le Kim and Soundstrips
Adrien C. Finlay & Susan Kelly and Alexandria Symphony Orchestra
Matthew Spivey, Meg Sippey & Teresa Eaton and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Janet Eilber and Martha Graham Dance Company
Isabelle Guillaud-Kalvar and Conservatoire de Paris
Anna Winskill & Family and Capricorn
Sara Faust & Joshua Faust and Faust Harrison Pianos
Craig Highberger and Jack Mitchell Archive
Lisa Kahlden and Anthology of Recorded Music, Inc.
Pierre Brévignon, Heinrich Hanf,
Marcel Quillévéré & Yuliana Makarova, Subtitles
Ulrich Klabunde & Nancy Klabunde
Francis Menotti
Margaret Shannon
Jeff Krulik
Sam & Kirsten Hampton
Laura Possessky
Beth Lewis
David Beatty
Thomas Hampson and Hampsong Foundation

Music Used by Permission From:

G. Schirmer/AMP
Music Sales Group

Composer Archives Used by Permission From:

The Leonard Bernstein Office, Inc.
The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc.
The Virgil Thomson Foundation, Ltd.
William Schuman Music Trust

Photographs Used by Permission From:

Jack Mitchell
The Curtis Institute
Herbert List/Magnum Photos
Manfred Ibel
Fritz Henle
John Stewart
Nina Leen, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Michael Rougier & Gordon Parks/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
Ruth Orkin
Louis Mélançon/The Metropolitan Opera Archives

Dedicated to:

J. Reilly Lewis (1944-2016)